Artist Statement

I seek to make sense of this chaotic world using mindful visuals, contemporary concepts, and especially, intuitiveness. My work is an exploration into my curiosity. From daily questions of where to put the next mark. How much medium to apply. What feeling does this color add. To the broader questions of what is women's work. what is my place in the world. what kind of imprint will I leave.

It's about time and place and my emotional memory. I'm constantly gathering visual information. I encounter, then store and use later. 

Each piece is a mind map, using my print blocks and paint brushes and layered structure, each informing the next, touching, feeling and grasping to the moment where the muse will lead next. 

Over time I've developed my own language of shapes. My process informs the vocabulary and the vocabulary informs the work. 

As with nature, the environment as a whole is of great significance to my life and my work. Therefore you will only find fibers of a natural source (muslin, cotton, linen) and inks and paints that are based in water, along with sustainable processes of recycling and a low-water-use studio. It is my hope to add to the beauty of the world, not take away from it.

Inspirations include: Louise Bourgeois, Julie Mehretu, Frank Lloyd Wright, Paul Klee, Sam Gilliam



Kristen Reinhart Davis is a Louisville, KY-based visual artist. Her practice focuses on sustainable printmaking, painting, drawing and sculpture. When not in the studio she can be found traveling, camping, kayaking, reading or drinking a fine bourbon.



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